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A little bit of history

Our story is a charming one steeped in history involving a lost pooch and a reputation for friendliness on a quiet street in historic Rozelle. With new owners, new vision, a quality crew and an outstanding new chef – It’s a story of award-winning success!



Humble beginnings, a friendly hand and a Hound called Winston helped create the legend behind one of Sydney’s oldest pubs.

In 1878, Winston – a stowaway pooch lost his master. The plucky English fox hound was lucky enough to stumble upon a friendly publican in his drinking house on Evans Street.


He welcomed the dog into the pub giving it a new home. That day a legend was born and the public house gained not only a new mascot but an inspired name!

True to its title, The Welcome continues to be known for its hospitality – along with a cracking wine cellar, beer menu and dining culture.

Our kitchen offers an elevated pub dining experience with a firm focus on fresh and seasonal produce all prepared in-house by our experienced & qualified chefs.

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