Save IL CARBONE at The Welcome Hotel

The spread of the NSW nanny state has reached the inner west and has closed a community outdoor grill at The Welcome Hotel.
Pubs are a part of the fabric of the Balmain peninsular and are increasingly under threat of red tape and the bureaucratic process. You can help by joining our petition or contacting your local member to save our historic pub culture.

By joining the petition you can show Inner West Council that there needs to be a change to the processes and cut through all the red tape that is not only prohibiting, but suffocating pubs in the area.
Pubs are the gathering place of a community, your home away from home and key to a healthy community and vibrant culture.

We are a family owned and run pub in the heart of Sydney’s Inner West community.

If you want to keep our community alive, please follow this link and sign our petition


  1. I would like to book a table in the garden at 12.00pm on 22 December 2018 for 4 people and one dog.

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