What’s On Tap In October

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Brewers Van Dieman appear alongside Nail, Riverside, Batch, Ekim and an Organic Cider from Willie Smith to name a few.

See all of What’s on tap this October below. You’re Welcome!

October’s Brewery of the Month – Van Dieman Brewing 
Van Dieman – Jacob’s Ladder (Amber Ale) 4.2%

A beer with plenty of dark caramel, chocolate – even roasty – charcters that takes its lead from English style amber ales, albeit with a higher carbonation. There’s a hint of floral English hops, but little bitterness, in an ale that’s all about the malt.

Van Dieman – White Hills (White Ale) 5%

A beer that’s been tweaked and tweaked and tweaked by Will since its first launch, this is a Belgian witbier style complete with the addition of orange peel and coriander seed in the brewing process. Slightly cloudy, it’s designed to be a refreshing quaffer, with light citrus and spicy aromas and a slightly sweet, fruity flavour and only the gentlest of bitterness.

Van Dieman – Ragged Jack (English Pale Ale) 4.2%

Ragged Jack is a mountain close to Evandale, the beer that takes its name a traditional English style pale ale. In keeping with the style, it’s a copper-coloured affair with a floral, slightly honeyed aroma and a blend of honey and biscuit malt flavours backed up by an earthy, slightly spicy bitterness.

Nail – Red Ale 6%

With US variety Citra and a couple of Aussie varieties offering up heaps of tropical and citrus aromas as well as palate-tickling fruity flavours alongside the rich caramel malts. It’s full-bodied yet surprisingly light on its feet for 6 percent.

Riverside – 77 (IPA) 7.7%

A big American style IPA and a celebration of hops utilising four different hops throughout the brewing process.

Dennis Beer – Rocket Science ‘Mad Hatter’ IPA 6.4%

Aromas are reminiscent of childhood bubble gum and sweet citrus and pear. Crystal malts add texture and mouth feel to the mid palate, for a while masking the underlying bitterness, which then rears its head late in the piece.

Wayward – Raconteur (Bière de Garde) 8.5%

Raconteur exhibits a complex sweet toasted grain aroma with a well balanced malt flavour and a pleasantly refreshing bitter finish from the traditional French Strisselspalt hops used.

Batch – Elsie the Milk Stout 4.9%

Unfermentable milk sugar and nitrogen gas create the unique character.

Mountain Goat – Steam Ale 4.5%

A crisp, certified organic ale. Cascade and Citra hops give it a fresh, zippy finish.

Ekim – After Battle 5.4%

An intensely aromatic and flavoursome American Pale Ale. Expect big tropical and citrus nose/taste and a decent balancing bitter.

Holgate – Road Trip IPA 5.5%

An aromatic pine, passionfruit, grapefruit and marmalade nose – and a sizeable smack of bitterness too.

Mountain Goat – Summer Ale (golden ale) 4.7%

There’s plenty of malted and unmalted wheat in the grist make up, and a big burst of fruity Nelson Sauvin and Motueka hops on the nose.

Willie Smith’s – Organic Cider 5.4%

Crafted and matured in French oak vats to deliver a truly distinctive farmhouse style, full of character and flavour in the traditional method.

Fullers – London Pride 4.7%

A rich, smooth and wonderfully balanced beer, its distinctive malty base is complemented by well developed hop character, from adding Target, Challenger and Northdown varieties to the brew.

Coopers – Pale Ale 4.5%
Carlton 4.5%
Victoria Bitter 4.9%
Mountain Goat – Summer Ale (golden ale) 4.7%

There’s plenty of malted and unmalted wheat in the grist make up, and a big burst of fruity Nelson Sauvin and Motueka hops on the nose.